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Mobile App Development

IOS, Android, Windows based. Can help both you and your client across a multitude of industries. The mobile Apps are highly compatible, extremely fast and designed with an intelligent UI in mind

Cloud Based Product Development

EGC strives to develop your product with the most cost effective solution available. We can also help you implement and execute any existing products already stored in the cloud.

Managed Services

Let us help you simplify collaboration and communication by storing your IT in the cloud. Our experts are ready to help administer and maintain your business’s cloud deployments, allowing for optimal performance combined with exceptional value. EGC’s managed services help to create environments for your company’s key applications including:

  • Production websites

  • SQL databases

  • Directory services

Cloud Services

Our cloud services help to provide IT solutions that are cost effective and affordable. This allows the ability to manage costs, thereby giving your business the means to grow and succeed without the costly burden of providing your own in-house IT department.

Network Services

slide4Thanks to the cloud, IT infrastructures are being transformed. Cloud technology allows a company of any size to incorporate their business’s enterprise level applications. Some of the benefits of cloud networking includes:

  • Rapid application deployment

  • Easy administration

  • New hardware not needed

  • No need to update software or schedule annual maintenance

  • Pricing to fit any size business

  • Built-in scalability and redundancy

  • The ability to access from anywhere, via an internet connection.


slide1 (1)One of the many business-critical services we offer our clients is virtualization. With virtualization your company will reap the benefits of a roomier office space with no more bulky servers. Virtualization helps your company separate its IT resources from its office space, because all of the technology your company needs is accessed over the internet. This allows you the ability to decide how you’re going to use all of your new found office space!
Virtualization gives your company better IT access, including access to additional memory and software than is physically store in an office space. There are many aspects of your IT business that will benefit from virtualization including:

  • Networks

  • Storage

  • Laptop / Server hardware

  • Operating Systems & applications

Want to know the best part? When you use EGC’s virtualization service, we configure and manage it all for you.

Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications (UC) gives our clients the most cost effective solution for all of their communications tools, all of which are converged in the cloud. UC will allow our clients seamless communication via a varying range of integrated components.

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